Kryp2nite Now Available


All of us here at HookaH-HookaH knew The Hookah Freak was up to something when he came into work wearing a bright red cape. Sure enough, soon thereafter he brought about a blend so daring, so epic, we all swear that we saw a brief neon glow emanate from it’s jar the moment that he unscrewed the lid. And so it was, that we all became acquainted with the latest in shisha-technology and the newest member in the Hookah Freak lineup: Hookah Freak Kryp2nite.

Available in 100 and 300 gram jars, Hookah Freak Kryp2nite soars toward the pallet with a audacious medley of fresh mint, succulent watermelon, and a curious essence of exotic spice with which to round out the blend and add a little “oomp & zing” on the finish. A little hot, a little cold, and a whole lot of wow, Hookah Freak Kryp2nite is the premiere in the synthesis of superhuman flavor served up straight from Planet Krypton.

So if you believe that you’ve got what it takes to smoke among the superhuman forces that be, set your course for Krypton, and engage target. We wish you good smoking, and safe voyages.


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